Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Recovery Water have to be kept refrigerated?
Our unique and proprietary COLD PRESSURED process (with added oxygen) creates micro-bubbles that are only stable in chilled water (between 34–40 degrees F) to maintain integrity and be efficacious when consumed. Ambient water enables the micro-bubbles and dissolved oxygen to dissipate.

What is the measurement of oxygen in our water (parts per million)?
50 ppm or higher is our release specification. This ensures that the product is above 30 ppm after 6 months of storage in refrigerated conditions.

For how long can the water be kept outside of a refrigerated environment before it loses functionality?
As long as the product returns to a refrigerated environment within a few days of being removed from refrigeration, Reliant Recovery Water will still deliver ideal benefits.

I did not store my Recovery Water in the refrigerator. Is it still OK to drink?
Recovery Water is completely safe to drink if not kept chilled for up to 2 weeks, but it may not have full efficacy.

For how long will the functionality last if kept inside a refrigerated environment?
Up to 6 months after production. Each bottle has a “Use By” date stamp.

What are the ingredients of Recovery Water?
Purified drinking water, Oxygen, Calcium Chloride (1.84 mg/L), Magnesium Chloride (1.84 mg/L), and Potassium Bicarbonate (1.17 mg/L). And natural flavors for our products that have fruit and vegetable essences.

What is natural about our “natural flavors” and how do we create our flavor profiles?
Our ingredients are derived from natural components which may include extracts, oils, and other naturally-occurring components. Basically, everything comes from a natural source: Blue Pacific Flavors in California and Mane in Ohio. Flavor profiles also contain organic ethyl alcohol and glycerine as carriers for the natural flavor extract.

Are Recovery Water’s flavors allergen-free?
Yes, Recovery Water’s flavors are allergen-free. Recovery Water’s flavors are manufactured in a facility that produce flavors that contain some allergens, but allergen control procedures are in place to prevent cross contamination. Allergen raw materials are segregated and after every production, a complete wash down of the equipment and area are performed and cleanliness is verified by quality control testing. Additionally, all non-allergen flavors are produced first.

What is the pH level of our water?
Because we do not use chemical buffers, the pH ranges from 6.6–6.8. Mixed Berry reads at a higher acidity level (4.7) because of the natural derivatives of the berries included in the flavor profile.

Where does our water come from?
Cascade Mountains > Green River Watershed > City of Tacoma. For more information, visit this URL: &

Is Recovery Water certified organic?
Water cannot be certified organic.

Is Recovery Water certified gluten-free?

Is Recovery Water certified Kosher?

What does the PETE 1 mean on our bottles?
Plastic #1 – PETE or PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Picked up by most curbside recycling programs, Plastic #1 is usually clear and used to make soda and water bottles. Non compostable. Plastic #1 is recycled into tote bags, furniture, carpet, paneling, fiber, and polar fleece.

Who is the Parent Company/Investors of Reliant Hydration/Reliant Recovery Water?
Reliant Hydration, the company that produces and manufacturers Reliant Recovery Water, is a subsidiary of Revalesio, Inc., which is privately owned and funded. For more information visit: